Exporting Blender materials?

Can you export models with material to any other format except .blend?
For example, i have changed the amount of light the object emits. Can i save that material in anything except .blend?

Somebody say something.

The best way to preserve your material’s look is by baking it to an image, and apply that image to the exported object in another 3d app. Some basic attributes can be exported, such as colour and the like, but more often than not (read: all the time) you will have to rebuild the material in another app.

So, what I do when I want to export a specific material from Blender to Lightwave/Cinema4d or vice versa:

  • create uv map of object
  • bake texture maps (sans shadow etc. that affects lighting): colour maps, diffuse maps, bump/normal maps, specular maps, displacement maps, etcetera. Anything I need to re-create the material in a different app
  • import object and add the maps. Set basic material properties to simulate Blender’s or the other app.

That’s it. In this case I pre-suppose that you would like to export built-in shader effects in Blender as well.

The trouble with all these built-in shaders: they do not work in other programs. So baking is your only solution. You will have to set the emitted light property manually in each 3d app. Of course, you could bake a lightmap too - different topic, though.

Can you tell me what baking basically does? I try to understand it but i just cant. Will that help me get a ‘toon’ effect?