Exporting Blender models with textures

Hi. I’m looking for some advice. I’ll preface by saying I’m VERY new to blender so I’ll apologize in advance for what appears to be a worn out question.

I have collection of models that were provided to me that were created in Blender. I need export them to a different file format (e.g. obj, 3ds, …) . I’m able to export them without any problem however when I view them in another tool or in the IG itself, all the applied textures are missing. I’ve tried several file formats, packed the data into a single blend file, etc…nothing seems to work. Googling this shows this is common problem with a lot of people asking about this same issue but I’ve not seen any solid answer.

Some help/pointers on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


That depends on the format you are exporting to as well as the settings you are using while exporting. For example, the obj format is really old. The format it uses for texture and material export (.mtl) isn’t physically based, so cycles materials can’t be exported in that format. If you were to try, it would make a file, but the material you get from importing it again is just crazy nonsense.

You have to work with blender internal materials if you want to properly export those materials in that format. There is also a settings window people often miss when they export to that format:

“Write materials” is checked by default, but if it weren’t they wouldn’t get a .mtl file. I don’t know about 3ds files, but it is possible there are similar issues. People typically use FBX or collada when they need to move assets between apps.

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The “write materials” was selected but no luck.
The Collada seems to work.
Thanks for your help.

just as an FYI, for the Collada, the textures are all written out independently and not embedded into the main model file. Perhaps there’s some setting but I can manage that as long as I have the data.