Exporting Blender Shape Keys to Poser as Morph Dials

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been struggling with this issue for quite a while.

I created my own character model with Blender and export it to Poser for animations.
I want to make character expressions using Shape Keys in Blender, and then export it into morph dials in Poser so I can tweak the dials for expressions and use the mouth shapes for talking with Poser’s Talk Designer.

So this is the stuff that I’ve tried:

  • create a left-eye-blink-test shape keys in blender, export as OBJ. file, then import it to Poser (File > Import > Wavefront OBJ > select the OBJ. file).
  • However, the dials didn’t show up. So I go to Object > Load morph target > re-select the same OBJ. file
  • Now the dials show up, but when I tried tweaking the dials from 0 to 1, the left eye didn’t blink. The whole character move down the Y Axis (up & down) instead.
  • I tried with a new file again and repeat step no. 1.
  • This time, I go to blender and manually drag the shape keys dials to 1, then export it again as OBJ. file
  • Back to Poser, I go to Object > Load morph target > select the OBJ. file from step no. 5
  • I tried dragging the dial from 0 to 1 again, now my character can blink. HOWEVER, the whole body still moving down the Y axis when I drag the dials from 0 to 1.

Did I do anything wrong in the process? Maybe something wrong with my export import settings?
I’ve searched online for this, but can’t find a solid answer.

I also noticed most of the answer in this website noticing “scripts” in export import.

If scripts is really necessary for this process, can anyone provide me with step by step how to? I don’t have any experience regarding scripts at all.

Thanks in advance for those who reply to this post. I’ve tried some other forums but I got zero response :slight_smile: