Exporting Camera Data to .ma


I would like to export the camera animation data in Blender to the .ma format, so that I can then composite more elements in Shake. I’ve seen this thread on an exporter to After Effects, but is there one that will export to .ma, or convert the After Effects format to the Maya format?


I second that.
Dunno what ZanQdo has got so far. I had totally forget the .ma way.
Dunno either if it would be more simple to create a ma script then a AE script.
If it would be more simple it could be definitely an alternative to the AE data parser.

Hopefully I see that I’m not the only one interested by a camera data exporter that could be usefull for Shake users…
I hope that it will be solved or that someone will make a python script to export to .ma

It would be good if somebody would take the initiative
even if your new, its not so hard. just make a simple file to use as a reference. and then look into writing blenders camera data,
ask as many questions as you need here :wink:

I have been looking for a solution so long… and I don’t know how to make a .ma file from blender’s camera data.
I’ve tested the script that exports cam datas to .jsx for AE users, perhaps somebody could do a conversion to .ma? (the only file that shake can import to use as 3d camera data)
So my question is how could I help, I am ready to test shake and blender compatibility if you tell me what files you need as example to try to find a script that could do the job.

Hi soundripper, do you have maya installed? You could try using that new .fbx exporter for blender and import that to maya… If not, try exporting that camera to an .fbx and I can try to convert it to .ma, although I’m not sure if camera data gets exported with fbx… Second solution is if you can find out how to transfer those camera animation curves to an armature bone or mesh, that could work with the fbx export :wink:

fbx might be a little different as it will probably export keyframes which is best for going between 3D apps so you can still tweak the camera. For apps like Shake, you have to bake the camera so that it is aware of parenting and constraints.

I wrote a script here to export to Maya Ascii:


I use it for Shake but it seems to work for AE too after some changes - use the last revision in the thread. Post in that thread if you find any problems.

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