Exporting character into .dae

This is my first thread posted on this forum. Not sure if this is the best section to post this is, but I’ll go with it anyway.

So I’ve learned more and more about stuff in blender over the past few months, but there’s one problem that I’ve just been unable to solve.
I imported a WoW human model, remodelled him quite a bit, textured him, rigged him and added constraints. Now I just wanted to export the whole thing so that I can use him in another project.

This is how he looks like with bones and all.

However, the only format that I found that could export bones was .dae, aka Collada. After exporting the file into that format and importing it in another project, it looked like this.

The bones got more or less messed up, the constraints were missing and the texture was deleted (although I’m not viewing him in textured mode in this screenshot)

Is there anyway to preserve the texture and/or atleast the constraints? I’ve already tried to tweak with the collada export settings that comes up when you pick a folder to export the file to. This is not just a problem regarding my WoW character by the way. Is there another format that is capable of doing this that I haven’t taken notice of?

I really hope that you guys can help me out with this. Otherwise this will become a greater problem for me in the future.

If you want to open the model in another blend file don’t export and then import. Save your blend file then append (Shift+F1) the object into your new file.


Awesome man! Now I’ve got my atm worst problem regarding Blender out of the way. Many thanks~