exporting collada files from 2.55 to papervision3d

I am struggling with exporting files via collada exporter and as far as I can remember only to 2.49 ver. exports worked for me.
With 2.55 I gets in the result in flash player a mesh , but without given textures, that are attached to collada when exporting. The path to the images is not an issue here, as any modifications comes with no result. I am little confused if it really work with papervision3d, because it is really weird to have working files from 2.49 and non working files for 2.55. As far as I remember I had the same issue with 2.5x versions too…
Anybody with an experience?

Ok. Doesn’t matter. Time to move from papervision which is dead now, to other 3d flash engine. Have to figure out which one would be the best in the case of importing blender files and 3d support for upcoming GPU support for flash player:)