Exporting FBX from Blender won't export materials/textures

Somebody sent me a model to use in .blend format. I don’t use blender personally, I much prefer 3DS Max.
I’m trying to export the contents of the .blend file to a .fbx file so that I can import into 3DS Max and do whatever with it.

It goes mostly fine, except for the fact that there are no materials or textures at all in the exported .fbx file.
There are a lot of textures on this model and they’re all very precise so there is no way I could re-add them all in 3DS max (also considering texturing isn’t my strong point). I was wondering if anyone knew why there are no textures in the exported file? They are there and appear fine in Blender. (I will not be able to provide the .blend or .fbx file as it’s a private model)