Exporting FBX w/ Mats and Transforms

Hey guys,

I’ve got this barrel of apples. The image on the left is the proper texture placement on the apples in Blender, but when I export this FBX to Sketchfab, the apple textures are slightly skewed.

I assume this is the rotation transform that isn’t set when exporting, however, when I add rotation transform, all the yellow bits of the apple change to the top side of the apple (regardless of apple rotation). If I join the apples, clearly this doesn’t work because it treats all apples like a new single object, and all apple take on a single apple texture…

I originally textured one apple, duped it a ton, and did a simulation of them all falling in and around the barrel.

What is the method for making sure the apples keep the exact texture placement when exported?

Even when I use the Blender–>Sketchfab addon, it produces the image on the right.

I really appreciate the help. Thank you.

ps. I prefer the textures on the right and think they are more real and organic, but they aren’t centered with the stem properly. I’m trying to figure out how to do the tweaking to find a middle ground.