Exporting .fbx

I have a character and when i export it in .fbx, some of my materials remain and others go black. Can any body help me?

Also if there is a free addon or anything, please tell me

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Hmm mm, are you using textures? If yes, I guess you should pack all textures into the file.

I am using both textures and materials

Then you should do this-
1:Go to files
2: Select external data
3: Select automatically pack all data into the blend filet
4:Then export it.

This should fix the issue

I will try that

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exporting usually doesnt like complex shaders. anything more than a simple texture on a material probably wont get understood by the exporter.

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So is there is there any app or addon because I have emission also.

And I heard about baking all materials into one image but I couldn’t do it. So can you tell me any good tutorial?

i use the bge so i dont have to use export workflows. cant help you out with much in this area.

but i do know fbx is not an open format so much reverse engineering has been done. if possible, using something like the .dae format might have better success.

asking about workflow on the target engine forums might also yield more helpful answers.

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Do you mean texture atlases?

And is it good for this?

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