Exporting Fluid for 3dsmax


I don’t know if this is the correct thread for this post but here goes.

I’ve done a fluid simulation in Blender now I want to export this to 3dsmax as mesh.

When I export the fluid as .OBJ I get random failed frames where some vertexes seem to pop tp the objects pivot point.

Even if I add modifier and exports the problem is the same.
When exporting the mesh as .fbx the problem changes which vertexes is affected and where they are dislocated to.

When I export the fluid as .ABC I get empty frames though the file size seems right.

I’m fairly new to blender and is hoping that this is only a newbie user fault.

the Builds from http://builder.blender.org/download/
have Alembic Support.


Hi Dito.

Thank you. But as i described - when I export the fluid as Alembic - which would be my prefered solution by far- I get a file that seems the right size but either doesn’t import or imports Empty.
I’ve tried importing into Maya, Nuke and 3dsmax.

It seems that the problem lies in the fluid mesh. Other exports as Alembic has been a succes.