Exporting fluids from blender as separate .obj files

Help. Can anyone explain how I export the fluids from blender into separate obj files so they can load and play in maya. When I go through the menus to create .obj - it creates a sequence of .obj’s but instead of the fluid I get the domain box.

What am I doing wrong.

First, don’t start three threads for the same question. Someone may reply to one of your threads when it has been answered in another, thus wasting their time they’ve graciously put out to help you.
When you exported the objs, did you select both Animation and Apply Modifiers in the obj export settings? Before this you need to bake the simulation and select the domain object to export, the domain object creates the fluid simulation mesh.

Sorry, first time on this board and kind of desperate. I apologize to all. Won’t do it again. I had been searching for the last few days trying to figure this out and… wonderful worked like a charm!

Thank you ever so much.