Exporting for Star Trek Armada1 and 2?

Are there any Star Trek Armada 1 or 2 players here?

Well to anyone that’s heard of these games, I think Blender would be a great tool.

Milkshape is most commonly used, but I think Blender could do it…all we need is an exporter.

Assimsoft[Assimilation Software] has desgined some free open source C++ plugins for Milkshape.

Even though they’re C++ and for Milkshape, I think anyone that knew C++ and Python (or a team) could read the C++ files and write a Python script equivelant for Blender right?

I think all we need is .SOD exporter, not sure there if there’s any others…

Blender can low poly right? I mean, any 3d app can low poly?

But yeah, I think Blender would be a great tool if someone could only write some exporters. Wish I knew Python :cool: