Exporting from Blender


I am trying to create a figure for use in Daz 3.1, this figure needs to be poseable, i have already discovered you cannot import bones into daz so have aquired the appropriate software and get the premice of how to apply bones to a character in daz. and i understand blender enough to model (almost, hence the problem).

The problem is i need the figure in groups so Daz knows where the bones are going, this i can’t get my head round.

Any help would be realy appreciated as if i can do this i can start my project(s).


Use the vertices groups in Blender and when exporting check the option to make object groups from vertice groups.

Still cant get it to recognise the groupes, i gat as far as getting one bone, i have also made a simple model using 5 spheres and just cant work it out, at most i get the last group and nothing more and cant do any thing with is, does anyone know of a tutorial for making objects for exporting with posing in mind?

Do you have The Figure Setup Tools? If you are just importing the object directly into Studio it will make it one object with no grouping.

Yeah i have figure set up tools, i but the one bone i managed to create was not at all helpfull