Exporting from Blender

I am curious to know when I export, what data goes along with it, materials, textures, animations, accurate 3D model, nodes, everything?

Using each of these renders: Cycles, BI, and Yafray

exporting to these file formats:
.obj .3DS .dae .fbx


OBJ is the most reliable format at the moment for transferring between applications… it transfers 3d model, material allocation (and basic texturing) and uv maps…

i believe dae / 3ds / fbx can handle animations and more stuff, but their implementation into blender is still being improved.

Within certain limits.

For example, exporting from Blender to Max, your Yafaray materials won’t import already set up as V-Ray materials. However, if you apply the imported materials to your objects they should have textures and UV coordinates (or at least UV coordinates).

By applying do you mean baking the textures on with a UV map?

No, sorry, that is a bit unclear. I mean assigning the materials to the objects in the destination application.

is there any way in blender where i can export the 3d model in .h format