Exporting game in GLSL - not all materials show?

If I export as game with setting for shading in the render menu as GLSL, all colors for materials work, except for my figure, which has several materials. The only other that doesn’t show is a plane with a texture mapped to it. I’ve attached a compressed version to this message.


TangoDec7.blend (486 KB)

Hm… can’t really help you. Left a post to put you up again.

There’s a Bug in the blender player (and runtime) according the modifiers. Only the Armature modifier is working. You must apply all other modifers or remove them.


TangoDec7.blend (1.86 MB)

Not really a bug - you should apply any non-armature modifier anyway.

Using modifiers in the game engine is not god but is was possible in Blender 2.49b up to blender 2.50 alpha2 the modifiers are workin in the Blenderplayer. But since Blender 2.53 the modifiers are only working in the BGE but the are broken in the Blenderplayer. When something was working and after a new version it is not working any more, then that it is a bug for me.

Now we have only 3 ways to fix that issue.

  1. Delete all modifiers without the armature modifier.
  2. Apply all modifiers without the armature modifier.
  3. Use on every object a modifier.

Or, try 2.61RC1. This bug was supposed to be (mostly) fixed in that release.

Yes you’re right. I have tested it with 2.61RC1 and now it is working with modifiers.