Exporting Game Preview Quality

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I don’t really know what category this should official go under, but the purpose is to demo a game I or anyone else is making. The best way to demo or show off a game is to show the gameplay, but I’ve seen it mostly that people use on screen recorders which A: I don’t have and B: slows the gaming down anyways, so it advertises worse quality than it actually has.

What I want to do is record parts of the game I play through IPO animations (easy enough with record to IPO in the menu for game), and then export this animation as a movie clip. The thing is it will be a full render quality which over exaggerates the strength of the game, plus many special texture formats such as considering aplha within textures works differently in the normal rendering than it does in the game engine, which is what it is tailored to at the moment.

SO: Is there a way to set controls on the rendering so that it is exported at the game-like, realtime quality (which would further mean not considering more advanced, unsupported features in the game engine like the reflection settings and so forth)?

If you don’t have a screen recorder you can export the frames of the game using a script such as one discussed in here:

Such a script will export a series of .png images. If you are a millionaire and have Adobe After Effects you can convert a .png sequence to a movie. Other methods could possibly be opening an image sequence in quick time or using ImageMagick.

I think recording with fraps does not slow down that much.

Fraps writes “Fraps” in the recorded video. Gimp with GAP can convert a PNG sequence to a video.

Hehehe :slight_smile: I’m primarily a stop-motion animator, so I’m an expert in dealing with individual pictures, and thus have animation programs to convert frames into video of any frame rate I wish.

By the way, if no one else is a millionaire, I can suggest different freeware (yes, stop-motion) programs to which you can import frames after you have defined a frame rate:
(Windows): Monkeyjam
(Mac): Frame by Frame

Thanks for your replies! :smiley:

(Windows): Monkeyjam
(Mac): Frame by Frame

Anything for Linux?

Well, not off the top of my head…

…but a quick search came up with this:


Clealry I’ve never worked with it before, but I must assume there’s support for importing frames (as opposed to direct capture through the program like its ‘normal use’)

Very originally called “Stopmotion”…so maybe I have heard about it and I just assumed they were talking about the hobby in general :wink:

You can use Blender to import frames and export them as a movie file. I’ve done it a few times with jpgs => avi (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1149965)