exporting groups


I’m new to 3D modelling, and I’m working on creating objects for SIMs3. I’ve meshed several objects in Blender and am moving on to more complex ones with multiple bones (like doors etc). I’ve separated the vertices assigned to different bones into separate groups, but when I export them as a Wavefront object and then import into Milkshape to assign them, everything goes in as one group. I’ve tried putting things on different layers. Now, is this a problem with Blender or with Milkshape? I’ll ask on the SIMs forum, but I’d appreciate some opinions from here too.


I assume you are talking about vertex groups ?
Have you tried enabling ‘Polygroups’ in the blender .obj export options ?

Thanks. It wasn’t “Polygroups” though, it was “Objects as OBJ groups” (and unchecking “Objects as OBJ objects”). Do I mean vertex groups? That’s the main problem, I don’t know what questions to ask!
Anyway, I have now got my object divided into 3 groups which correspond to the 3 bones I have to assign in Milkshape, which is what I wanted. But is there any way now to see the entire UV map in one go? Is it possible to join the groups for UV mapping and then separate them again?