Exporting Images of each step (or where a view node is placed)?

I have been wondering is there a way to automatically (or manually if I have to) export/save images of the different stages of a composite node setup.

Say for example even something like right clicking a view node and doing save image from there? (Though obviously that would be way too tedious if I intended to animate render to multiple images).

Is the only way to basically disconnect the final composite nodes image input and then connect what was connected to the particular viewer node to the compositor and rendering again and saving that image?

I think a feature to easily export all the stages or view nodes images would be VERY handy, for obviously stuff such as applying effects to say one render layer in GIMP/Photoshop etc.

Hope people can understand what I mean.

Any help is much appreciated.

Use a File Output node. It can have multiple inputs

Thanks - I can only see 1 input though - do you mean have a file output for each view/stage?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks - I can only see 1 input though

In the node properties just add more

absolutely brilliant thanks

really like your site btw - the K-9 is really cool :slight_smile: