Exporting/Importing in Blender

okay really only have one question can Blender Import/Export models and such from Cinema4D? And if so plz tell me how?

These are the available formats in C4D according to their web site. The x denotes formats supported in blender. [File | Export][File | Import]

-Available file formats:
-3D formats:
x3D Studio
-Biovision BVH/BVA
x Direct 3D (maybe if that means direct x)
-Quickdraw 3D
-Shockwave 3D
xVRML 1+2
xWavefront OBJ 2D vector formats:
-Flash (SWF)
-Illustrator (AI / EPS)

-2D bitmap formats:
-BodyPaint 3D
-Photoshop PSD
xTarga TGA
-SGI (via Quicktime)
xPNG (via Quicktime)
-JP2 (via Quicktime)

-Animation- and compositing formats:
xQuicktime (if installed)
xAVI (Windows only)
-After Effects
-Final Cut

thx marty D, so if i mport/export into any of those formats then it should work, I will try and see…

Personally, I’ve found the obj format to be the most likely to succeed across the most platforms. fwiw.

yea, obj works with almost all 3d softwear