Exporting in blender 2.56?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on a project for school lately using blender 2.56, and I’d like to export it. The problem is that blender 2.56 does not have an export functionality. Did anyone compile a script or find a method to export a blender game as an exe file? I tried opening the game using blender 2.49 but it doesn’t work well. If you can also post instructions on how to use the script, that would be great.

2.56 should have an addon already to do this. Try going to ‘File -> User Preferences’ select the ‘Addons’ tab, ‘Game Engine’ category, and check the button next to ‘Export as Runtime’ to enable.
It will then be available under File -> Export -> Export as Runtime.

Another alternative would be to just grab the blenderplayer.exe and *.DLL files from your Blender install directory, place it in the same folder as your *.blend file, and create a batch file to run it:

blenderplayer.exe -w 800 600 10 10 <game>.blend

Thanks a lot saeblundr, I’ll try it and see how it goes.

Thanks saeblundr! That really helped! :yes: