Exporting individual models from a multi-model scene

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How do I export an individual model as it’s own separate file from a scene that contains multiple models?

I’ve attempted to select the model and then export but apparently it only exports the entire scene.

Thanks guys. You rock.:ba:

Be sure you have your scene already saved in case you want to go back to it later

-If the scene has every meshes being joined as a single object :
Select the model you want to export from the scene in Edit Mode.
Press P then “Selected” (or go to Mesh->Vertices->Separate)

Go into Object Mode, select the model that is now separated from the whole scene, then press CTRL+I (or Select -> Inverse) and press Delete or X (or to Object->Delete) to remove everything but the model you want to keep.

Now you can save it, it will save only this model as the scene is not there anymore.

-If the model is always separate from the scene (you can select it indivdually in Object Mode)

Select your wanted model, press CTRL+I and Delete to remove everything but you model.
There you can save it.

If the method above me doesn’t work, try opening a new blend file, pressing shift+f1 (append) find your blend file, click on it, click on object and find your object. You might want to name your object in the original file to make it easier to find when appending, and for good work practices sake. If you have multiple meshes in the one object, assign your mesh to a mesh group and go to mesh instead of object in the append dialogue to find it.