Exporting instances and UVs: CAN I?

Well, this is like a desperate question. I’ve been for much time waiting for a way to export meshes from blender to other softs (in this case, Max). I’d like to keep instancing and UV coordinates. Just both things.
Well, let’s see.
.3ds: the meshes are ok, but instancing is not conserved. Exporter problem?
.obj: UVs are corrects, but there’s no instancing support
.dxf: Instancing is ok, but dxf doesn’t support UV coordinates
I made a .lp lightscape exporter, but now is MAX the silly soft, so it’s only able to separate into layers and materiales, not by blocks (=instances). Why they brought the program…? weird
Anybody knows somebody who did anytime? Any intermediate software?
Is it a quimera?