exporting issues

I have 2 issues with exporting

  1. sometimes when I make it record as an avi jpeg, it is black in windows media player, but when I hit play in blender, it looks fine

  2. I don’t know if this problem happened because I reanimated again on the same file after changing the lighting, or animating, then hitting save as, then reanimating, but when I hit anim button, when it was done, it saved in my .tmp folder as a .blend file instead of a .avi (I had it set to avi jpeg)

1.Avi jpeg may be a start. Good for editing in some programs, but WMP isn’t too favorable with it. instead of AVI JPEG
select AVI CODEC and select a codec like Mpeg 4 or microsoft windows media 1…that should get you going.

2.To save it in a certain location, in the buttons window, under animation selection up at the top right is two lines with folders to the left. click the folder on the top one and select where your avi shall be saved. I don’t have blender in front of me otherwise I’d give more of description.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codec - codec information.

that’s not what I mean for #2 (I messed up in explaining) what happened is that it saved as a .blend file instead of an AVI file