Exporting issues

Hi everyone,
I’m planning on making a game using Irrlicht Engine for graphics. I decided to get the graphics I needed before I started programming as it would save me a buttload of time.

Instead of modeling everything myself(since I suck) I downloaded a free 3D model from a website I found on google, then I rigged and animated it successfully with 473 frames :smiley:

now, I’m having issues exporting it. Irrlicht can only import these animated formats: B3D, MS3D, X, MD2, MD3. and I cant export to X since it doesnt support keyframes or something like that, I can’t export to MD2 and MD3 cuz it has multiple textures, so I can only export to b3d and ms3d(which requires a seperate script).

unable to find a ms3d exporter, I came across a b3d exporter by gandaldf which supposedly works perfectly. so I parented my mesh to the skeleton and exported it with that script and was able to load it up in an irrlicht program. but OH NOES its messed up, theres a bunch of unattached vertices that weren’t there in blender:

I’m not sure if its a problem with the script or the model, but I need a solution to this that doesn’t require starting from scratch. If I do have unattached vertices then they SHOULD show up as disconnected in weight painter mode, … right?

if it is the script then I will be able to solve it by using an ms3d exporter, if anyone has a link to one please post it :slight_smile:

This problem is getting me nervous, I spent well around 2 days learning enough of blender to rig&animate a model, and then animating it with kinda realistic animations. I dont want that work to goto waste :frowning: any help is GREATLY appreciated

also, I’m new to these forums. sorry in advance if I do(or did) anything wrong

Hi, i hd the same problem so i decided drop my beloved irrlicht, another option what i can recommend to you is to use Panda3D engine, its made in python and the native format used is .EGG and i can say that blender exporter por .EGG is flawless, it is a nice and very compelling file type for games, and if you use blender is very convenient to know python.

Another option is drop irrlicht in favor of Unity3D, now its free for pc games and web games, you dont need to export nothing since unity converts automatically your .blend files to .fbx with bones, animation, textures, etc.

But if you insist in using irrlicht you can try with gamekit http://code.google.com/p/gamekit/

and finally and depending on the requirements of your projec you can use the internal game engine from blender.

Irrlicht is a nice engine but since always the exporters for it are a pain in the ass. hope you understand something because yo hablo español.

im 200% sure that the problem is not with irrlicht. Its most likely my model, and for some reason blender is deciding not to show the unattached vertices(probably just to piss me off)