exporting jpeg renders

Forgive the newbie question! I have looked all over the net but can not find anything on this subject. I have looked everywhere and i can not find out to export a picture after rendering it with F12. to get around this, I alt print screened the render window and imported it to photoshop. I know that is not the best why. What am I missing so my blender F12 test shots going into a directory?

I looked in the output settings under the render tab but neither of those directory links seemed to work.

Please help

as far as I know there is no way to have blender save the renders automatically, but that would be really nice. as far as just exporting a rendered image instead of screen capturing it, look under the file drop down menu at the top, it has a “save rendered image” option.

edit: hay this is my first post that was written later at night and not really long, yay me!

To have Blender save your image automatically you just render a 1 frame animation.

  1. Set the start frame and end frame to 1
  2. Set the render format to jpeg
  3. Hit the large “Anim” button.

The .jpg will be saved to the tmp directory of your hard drive.


after the render press F3 this will open a window to save the file
youc an also find this in the main menu

under the file menu : File—> Save Rendered Image (also the F3 key)
also, the render settings (F10 I think) let you save it as a .jpg, png, tiff, avi, mov, etc

Thanks guys, F3 was exactly what I had in mind. Although I which it had a button rather than a key stock. Both would be ideal. And it looks like in 2.5 you can assign your own keys. Cool Stuff!