Exporting light bindings


I am about to write an exporter to my own realtime graphic engine. This engine has very special requierements, so i don’t see a sane way to reuse Gameblender (or much of any existing engine out there) - and i’m afraid i can write one faster then understand all of Blender’s code.

There is one thing that i cannot figure out from the Python Interface docs. I recall that to make geometry recieve light in Blender’s realtime engine, you must bind the geometry to this light. However, i wasn’t able to figure out how to discover this binding from the Python script. It is not strictly necessary, but i would like to retain this information anyway.

Is it possible at all through Python exporter or should i dive into the SDNA system and write in my tools an importer for Blender files instead? Has anyone ever written any external tools which read Blender files directly?

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starting from:

the NMFace type has a modes property, it works like a bunch of flags in c…


it says see NMesh.FaceModes


notice the LIGHT option there?

so essentially:

for face in mesh.faces:
   if face.mode & NMesh.FaceModes.LIGHT: # notice the bitwise and
      pass # face is light sensitive

Huh? I could have sworn that didn’t get into the printed PDF documentation i generated with epydoc from source! Though i’m far away from it now and unable to check.

Uh, wait. It tells me whether a face may recieve lights at all, but not which lights i actually bound to it!