Exporting Light wave files

I am having trouble exporting lightwave files. I have just installed blender 2.37a. Whenever I try and export, I get the following error:

Warning hex/oct constant > max.int will return positive values in Python 2.4 and up

I assume that this is some sort of roundabout way of saying I need to install python 2.4. I am correct? I so, how do I install a Python?

okay first things first… do NOT install python 2.4 as it will not work with blender… you need to install python 2.3.

This link shows you how to set up your python path… it is important especialy if you are using a windows OS…

as for that error i couldnt tell you anything useful other than it seems like its just a warning… aslong as the script actualy exports what you want it to I wouldn’t worry too much about it…


I already have python 2.3, the little window says so when I start up Blender. If you say I cant get Python 2.4 to work with Blender, then it seems to me that unless anyone knows different, my version of Blender will not export light wave files. So maybe I trying to do something which just isnt possible. Unless of course someone knows of another python script for exporting lightwave files?

Alternatively, does anyone know of a conversion tool that will convert from a format that blender can create, to light wave? One that is free and I dont have to pay for? Thanks.

it even says warning in the message. It’s just a warning more to the coder than the user that this script won’t work the same in python 2.4. In most programming languages (and I admit I dont know python but I’ve been a programmer for more years than I care to think about) this would allow the script or program to run normally. It’s a compiler or interpreter warning and such things usually allow a compile or run to continue normally

The exporter doesnt work at all. It doesnt even get as far as asking me to choose a file name. On blender itself a message box comes up saying
ERROR: Python script error.

All I have done is install Blender 2.37a, start it up and then try to export the default cube object. The full text of the little window error is:

Warning hex/oct constant > max.int will return positive values in Python 2.4 and up

ImportError: No module named warnings

can’t get traceback

okay i just tried exporting a file out…
And it worked fine…

Now what does the console window say when you first start up blender?

Also are you sure that you have a full python 2.3 install cause blender does come with a small version built in… however if you dont have the full install [which I dont think you do] not all the scripts may run properly or at all… lastly make sure you set your python path.

While exporting I recieve the same “warning” and it didnt stop the exporter from working…

Try this… open blender and in the default scene select the object you want to export [if you dont then blender wont export anything]… next go File>Export>Lightwave (.lwo) and then you should get a screen asking you where to save the file and what to call it… name it and save it and then the exporter will do its thing… if that doesnt help you then try reinstaling blender or try resetting your python path. any other qestions please ask…


Thanks for the advice. I now have it working. I installed Python version 2.3 and then suddenly magically it all worked :smiley: