Exporting Light Wave scene to obj causes textures to mess up. Help!

Okay I’m going to try and keep this as simple as possible so I don’t confuse myself.
My problem is that I need to get a model/texture from light wave to work perfectly in 3dsmax 2008.

What I’ve tried so far
This is the scene that I’ve imported to blender (it is till a light wave file, it hasn’t been converted to obj yet)

This is what it looks like after I’ve converted it to an obj from blender, and opened that OBJ in 3dsmax 2008.
As you can see in the red circle that I have highlighted. That is the problem I’m having. Either the textures or the model is not exporting from lwo to obj correctly, I’m not entirely sure.

But whenever I export the lwo. file as an obj. file in blender, it always screws up that part of the model.

-Any help is greatly appreciated.

I ended up solving my own problem, consider this matter closed.

Basically if you want to export a Light Wave to an obj without any texture/model glitches. You have to do one of two things.

  1. You have to have light wave software in order to convert it to obj (which costs thousands)
    2)You have to use an image converter, such as Deep Exploration. Which is far cheaper but isn’t free