Exporting Mac Executables from Windows!!! WORKS!

Alright, so you may have seen my last post and I took what alien-xmp said and made it work. He had the right idea but the final executable was missing a few files. Here’s a template for you Windows/Linux/BSD users.


  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Copy the file and name it whatever
  4. Click the first folder “Contents
  5. Next, go to “Resources
  6. Name your game file (the .blend) “game.blend” (exactly as shown!) and copy it into the “Resources” folder.
  7. Get to the main folder containing all those files and name it “Your-Game-Name.app”
  8. Zip 'er up and post it!

Note Before Downloading: The template file is a folder representing a Mac .app executable. Once the extention is added, it is then an executable. The only thing missing is the .blend file that the player loads.

I thought something as “revolutionary” as this would have a reply by now :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think its all that amazing to some people because blendStarter does the same thing and avoids having to release your game under the GNU. What you have here is cool but not very necessary, I suppose. Interesting all the same though.

I just did it for those people who have those full out games and like to save them as EXE. Now they don’t have to have a Mac to make it compatible.

Oh nevermind. Thanks for the heads up Magic Man. The GameExport script does the job just fine :stuck_out_tongue:

This is useful to me as I don’t really know how mac’s work at all and I’d like to see if I can port CDO to it. I can’t do it yet (still have to figure out the python part of it) but this is a start.

It looks interesting. I’m going to try to look at it soon. I think the main thing is not too many of us have games that we’re worried about as far as models so we can just share a blend with people. I’m sure it will make some people more comfortable using an executable. I’m working on one longer project, an adventure, which I might think about using that way because I might want to reuse some of the models for a sequal. Although, why would I care if someone else used the models for something? Anyway, I’m sure it has purposes but no one needs it right at this moment. It’s definately an interesting idea so thanks for sharing it. This would make a great tutorial for noob to pro or something, so it was there when someone needed it.