Exporting Materials for Turbosquid

I’ve read so many different resources about different file formats, their pros and cons, as well as how many do not hold texture data. To those Blender user out there that sells on Turbosquid, how can I preserve my materials for multiple non-native file formats, and which ones should I work towards? I’m already exporting to OBJ and FBX, and FBX also seems to only hold very limited material info. Should I bake all of my materials for the non-native formats?

Also, I did notice that V-Ray materials are being utilized quite a bit on TS now. Can I export my V-Ray materials with the Chaos Group V-Ray Blender, and simply offer an export as a material solution?

Aside from simply recreating materials in other applications, is there another way to offer advanced materials in cross-platform situations? What about using OSL shaders?

Sorry for the plethora of questions. Thanks in advance!