Exporting materials with multiple UV's

I am writing a model exporter, I want to export bump, normal maps as well as color textures, first, while it is a bit restrictive, I tried to use predefined UV just for color texture but I did not manage to get auto-generated UV’s for other textures depending on wrapping style. AFAIK only way in blender to create multiple UV materials is to use node editor. But it is too complex to get the textures and UV’s info I need from this structure. I am pretty new to blender, is there a common way to solve this, or am I missin something?

Do you want color, normal/bum etc to have there own coords? - does your format support that?

If not then steer clear of UV Layers.

  • Probably texure channels are good for this,

if you can do unique coords for each texture do this…

    for uvlayer in me.getUVLayerNames():
        me.activeUVLayer = uvlayer
        for f in me.faces: .... write face uv's

Thanks that will help, I suppose there is no way to get auto-generated UV coordinates when non-uv wrapping styles used.