Exporting Materials with x3d Plugin

Hey guys,

I have a little problem.
In my spare time I’m developing electronics and for this I use the software KiCAD, wich is a schematic and Layout editor which is abled to display the PCB in 3D.
For a few parts I’m using at the moment I need to create the 3D models used by KiCAD in x3d format.
At the moment I can export the mesh without problems, but I can’t export the materials created with Blender internal or cycles.
If I use BI i get a error message if I select the option export H3D in the native x3d plugin, if I use cycles I get no error but in KiCAD it is simply purple as if a missing material is applied in blender.

My question now is if anybody may knows how to export the materials properly.

Looking forwards for helpful aswers.

NG from Germany
Dr. Console