Exporting Medieval game environment from UE4 to UPBGE glsl #1

Exporting Medieval game environment from UE4 to UPBGE glsl #1

I’ve decided to export the Medieval game environment from UE4 to UPBGE glsl. Just curios to see how it would look and if the engine is even able to process a scene with such a big number of objects. This is the first video where you can see only some objects on the scene. I intend to be releasing more videos with more content being placed on the scene, making it look more like the original Medieval game environment with every new update. Will see how far we can go!
Thank You!


Looking good! I’m curious, were there any particular reasons you chose UPBGE 0.2x over UPBGE 0.3x?

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Thanks! :smiley:
To me it wouldn’t make much sense bringing a scene from one advanced renderer to another.
But trying to export the project from the advanced engine to the older one and make it look as similar to the original as possible, sounds more fun to me!
What would happen, if the crazy artist that made the Medieval game invironment, had only Portal 2 version Source engine, Megascans and modern PC? :smile:

Added some fallen trees, and the houses start forming.
I have a lot of other things to do and can’t fully concentrate on this project, so the updates can be a bit small, but i’ll try to make them as often as i can.


I know you were just testing it but I reckon bake lighting would make this scene look a lot better.

for not having the flies on slow motion

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3x can use geometry nodes to cull and stream stuff.

It can use openXR and eevee next / volumes etc.

Eevee next promises light culling and realtime gpu displace.

Are they any optimizations there bud?

Because to me it just looks like you ported High Poly assets that’s all? :thinking:
Hhmm Indulge me on this one @Musa


Although I do appreciate good lighting setup and framerate seems really nice !!!