Exporting mesh + textures to C4D

Is there anyway I can export my model complete with correctly mapped textures/materials to Cinema 4D?

The .obj format should work…I think its compatible with C4D.

I know .obj will work for meshes but does it pack all the textures and uv maps as well?

It will hold UV coordinates, diffuse colour and uv mapped image textures.

Will the .obj also hold bump maps too? I presume the same applies to .3ds format too?

I have also read that Cinema 4D needs a free plugin called Riptide to properly handle the import of obj with textures.

I am exporting 3 shoe models and they have a huge amount of stitching that I want to fake with bump maps.

I’ve just now imported into blender a .obj file I’d previously exported from blender. It has a colour texture as well as a normal map correctly applied to its UVs. You’ll have to make sure all the image textures are correctly linked in the .mtl file (open in a text editor to check) after you export it so they can be found when you import the .obj into whatever other application

Why not just try exporting and importing a model yourself to check it does what you want.

That’s awesome Richard!
Saved me hours of tearing my hair out…