Exporting meshes to Mudbox

I exported a low poygon mesh to Mudbox so I it would be easier to perform high poly organic modelling, but it doesn’t turn out smooth at all, and the modelling gets ‘lumpy’. Are there any known issues exporting low polygon meshes to Mudbox?

Sorry, not an answer but another problem with exporting to mudbox. forward facing areas are invisible making the figure look like a hollow shell.
Any help appreciated!

Chax, make sure you did not triangulate your model, Triangles are evil to both Zbrush and Mudbox.

select all your faces in edit mode, and press w, then select flip normals before you export your model.
in mudbox you might have a flip faces/ flip normals/ reverse vertex order command you can do too… I only used mudbox demo for a few days, I prefer my Zbrush :slight_smile:

try exporting an obj file and see if that helps