Exporting meshes with two-sided faces (double sided normals)

Hi everybody, i need help with exporting meshes to .3ds format with backface culling or two-sided faces.
I am using Blender v 2.49a for modeling low-poly meshes and i’m quite new to Blender.
My problem is that i need to make a couple of faces in my model two-sided (with normals on both sides) so that it exports and appears opaque from both sides when i load the mesh in my game.

For instance, i am modeling a robe with a hood, and the hood of the robe needs to be opaque, that is, appearing to be solid when viewed from both front and behind, but still only consisting of one 3d face (with two sides). I can only get normals to appear on one side of the faces. I’ve tried to select the hood’s faces in edit mode, enabling the “Double sided” button in the Mesh tab, enabling the “Twoside” button in Texture face tab and trying “CTRL-C” > Copy face selected > Active mode. But the faces still exports to .3ds as single sided i.e. “see through” from one angle. :frowning:

I guess the recommended methods i’ve been trying so far is for rendering twosided faces within Blender, but i’m only interested in exporting meshes with backface culling or double sided faces. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated! :yes:

(I’ve been browsing forums all over the Internet for an easy way to do this for many hours now with no success.)


I don’t think it’s to do with the expoting, but more how the mesh is treated (viewed) in the program you imorting it into.

Okay, so the mesh is exported with flags saying that the faces are two-sided, but the importing program ignores the flags and still shows the faces as single sided?
One way to work around this problem may be to select the faces that i want to be two faced, duplicate them and position them at the exact same coordinates as the originals and flip the normals, but that seems like a bad idea.

I can’t believe that such a simple thing must be so hard to do! Any other ideas?
It doesn’t have to be exported to .3ds, i don’t care about the export format as long as it exports as two sided…

http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/7771/twosidedexportissue.jpg- Even though i export the mesh as double sided and twosided, it still only has normals on one side, i.e. makes the hood “see through” from one angle. How can i make a face double sided and stay that way after export?

Please help… anyone?!!