Exporting Model for use in another Blender project?

This may be a stupid question, but I was wondering if there was a way to export a specific model in a project so that you can import back into any other project in Blender?


You meant taking models you’ve built in one blender scene and reusing them on another blender scene, right? In that case, yeah, press Shift-F1 and browse to your model. Notice that .blend files become “folders” in this case, so when you open a .blend file you’ll still have to browse some more inside the blender file structure. Your models will be in the Object folder. This is where it pays off to name your objects descriptively.

Read up on Appending vs Linking for different ways of using this… reuse feature.

I’ve tried that with importing a mesh, but nothing ever shows up.:mad:

Are you importing the mesh from the mesh folder? or are you importing the mesh object, from the objects folder? Generally when you want to import a mesh, you want to import the mesh object from the objects folder.


Ohhhhhhhh, I got it now, thanks revolt. Yeah I was trying to import from the mesh folder.