Exporting models in .OBJ

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m trying to export a model from Blender (sans texture - just objects) into .OBJ, so that it can be opened by others (like for example in Maya)

But the objects are coming out as a single-object on the other side - other models I’ve seen (like from the blnder repository) don’t have this problem, even when I’ve sent them as tests. The objects are seperate in those. My objects are seperate before exporting.

Does anyone know what the settings, etc. should be for exporting a fairly reliable .obj from blender?

I’d really appreciate the help with this!

Hi JohnMoran

I have been using the .OBJ export tool for almost a year now and it does everything I need. Here are the settings I use to export my 3d models:

  1. After clicking Wavefront (obj) from the export menu. Choose a dir to save to and a file name.
  2. Then choose the appropriate context( whole scene, selected, etc.)
  3. Then choose the output options (apply modifiers, Rotate 90X, etc.)
  4. Now comes the important step. for the option “Blender objects as OBJ:” choose “Objects”.

That should fix you problem.