Exporting models with animations

Can you and if so how do you export models and animations form Blender into outside rendering and game applications? We use Direct X format for our virtual world.

Thanks in advance.

I think you can just use the .X exporter that comes with Blender. I have never tried it, but it is there.

Yeh but how does that handle the animations?

You’ll just have to try it.

Let us know.

Turns out the animation data is exported. The application that you import into will recognize the animation data and handle it.

Cool, I thought it might work that way. I have only imported an .X file into Blender and it had animation. So I assumed the reverse might be true.

This is good to know, until a true FBX import/export is created for Blender, .X might be the way to go.

Just wondering, however, did the .X file transfer camera and lights as well?

I believe it transferred the light if it was joined to the model. I did not try with the camera.


You can export to Doom 3 MD5 format. The format doesn’t support bone scaling though. Other than that the exporter does great job. Format itself is straight forward to implement. And I am sure you can make a converter to parse it to anything else.