Exporting models with procedural materials from Blender to other software packages

Hi all!

Recently I exported a model from Blender to C4D which worked well. All the parts of the model have various procedural materials applied to them but none of the information regarding the applied materials was evident in the obj/fbx exported version of the same model when I imported it into C4D. So I would like to know if it´s possible to export a model from Blender to C4D with all the procedural materials applied? I searched the web to find a appropriate answer to my question but couldn´t find it so far. The only thing I did find was to bake the materials in Blender (still have to figure out how that exactly works). I tried to unwrap my model but it crashed during the unwrapping procedure as the model has about 2 mil. verts (it´s a mechanical vehicle). So…any kind of help is much appreciated!


Material setups are program and renderer specific and FBX and OBJ don’t support any complex materials anyway.

You need to bake the appropriate maps out from your materials (most renderers should probably be fine with standard metal/roughness or spec/gloss maps). If you can’t unwrap it all at once maybe split it to parts and do the layout / packing afterwards.

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Thanks for the clarification on that one @0451!

Yeah, seems like the only way to avoid any further crashes hehe :smiley: Too bad, there isn´t any material converter around, that would be awesome! I read something about a older plugin called “Riptide” which apparently allows you to import/export/convert material from one 3d package to another but unfortunately it´s not supported anymore. Well, thanks anyways for your input! :+1:

There were some PBR baking addons, but I’ve just set up a node group that bakes all the needed stuff with Bake Wrangler, when I needed to get procedural material out of blender. If you only need to do this once it’s probably not worth the to take the time to set it up.

Yeah, transfering things between softwares gets old fast.

Unfortunately complex materials are not convertible directly between softwares. The best way is to use PBR maps and materials. Which can be then baked and can be easily setup in other softwares.

For baking I seecond @0451. Bake Wrangler is a great free (for now atleast) addon to help in that…