Exporting morph targets + armature animations to Unity

Hi everyone! Has anyone succeeded exporting blendshapes + armature animation from Blender to Unity? I managed to get it working once, with a simple sphere, 2 bones and 2 blendshapes, but anything more complex justs keeps the armature animation but blendshapes don’t get imported into Unity even though I have “import blendshapes” checked in and in the “Skinned Mesh Renderer” component, blendshapes are missing.

hi, most of times it had been a FBX import problem : i mean an old plugin that unity did not open well. But im not sure how it can fail , now for that last 3 years!

Thank you anyway

hi! just to say, here is an good tutorial about that matters.
tutorial morph targets at laboratories x86.
maybe it will help > at the import level into unity

Thanks @Addidi , but that’s the standard procedure for working with morph targets in Blender+Unreal, and my issue is that it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Blendshapes don’t appear in the skinned mesh component in Unity when also having armature deformation and animation. Besides the tutorial is made with Blender 2.69. Maybe it worked fine with previous versions of Blender or Unity but now seems to be broken.