Exporting multiple frames


I have an animation with multiple frames. I would like to know if there is any feature similar to autodesk’s “snapshot” feature, where I can clone an object for each frame of animation of that object.

So myobject_34 is a copy of “myobject” from frame 34 and myobject_39 is a copy of the same object from frame 39.

In this manner, I intend to export a single 3ds containing all the objects from every frame of the animation.


Try the Apply Deformation script from the 3D header under Object -> Scripts . Just run the script per frame and you should get the series of animated/posed meshes you want (it will sequentially name your clones for you with .001, .002, etc.) . You might want to delete the subsurf modifier if you have one in the stack, unless you need it to reduce the size of your export .

Ah yes, that seems to be the sort of thing I’m after.

Is there any way to automagically apply it to every frame? I have several hundred here :frowning:

Hi Everyone…

I am interested to get the information related animation. Because I was use that in my project So anyone have the useful links then post it here.
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Hmm… sounds like a fairly trivial script to write. Might be a good first python project for you.