exporting obj for xplane

i set a triangle to transparent. in the render window F12 it shows nothing correctly. I click on export to obj.
But when i reload the airport in xplane the triangle still shows in the old black color.
What am i doing wrong?:confused:
Many thanks


I just did a quick check in Blender, setting alpha and exporting an obj file, then re-importing into a new empty blend file and it worked fine.

Most importers look for the mtl file in the same directory as the obj file. When you exported, did you have the option to write material file on? Did you move the file before importing into x-plane? If you did move the file, did you move the mtl file also?

Best of Luck!

i didn’t move the file and don’t want to reimport it. I only want to change a file inside x-plane’s scenery folder.
I didn’t see any mtl file in the directory and while exporting i don’t get any choices. I probably only might get a short wait cursor.
While trying it created some filename.obj.obj but even removing the original and renaming this to .obj still showed the same black triangle.
Do i need to save the changes before exporting? I’m a very beginner so probably i’m not used to something blender special?
Many thanks


What version of Blender are you using? I have 2.42a, and when I export a Wavefront obj file, I get the menu shown in the attached pic. By default, materials are selected, and an mtl file gets created by the same name as the obj file.

Best of Luck!!


the x-plane .obj, is not the same that the wavefront one, you dont have the export panel, that a simple export process
be sure that your png file (texture), have a transparent background or canvas,
in the UV mode panel setting, tell the face to be ALPHA not opaque
in fact materials can be used to color the mesh whatever the Uv texture used, or play with the sun reflection, to have a better inside & outside color texture control, but you can’t use the transparent slider or Ray trans, the script just ignore that kind off materials setting, you need to use the Uv texture image to make it working in the sim
for the black part a picture will help to see what it can be,
have ask fo that trouble on the xplane registery :)?

Many thanks for your reply.
Where is the UV mode panel?
Could i replace the triangle with another object? How?
Thanks again and regards