Exporting, OBJ format, Normals

Hi everyone,

First time blender user and poster here!

I have successfully imported a ‘wavefront’ OBJ file into blender. This file only consists of triangle faces. It has only the vertices defined!!! No Normal information. When blender renders my model, it must define normals for use in the lighting calculations and it looks nice ‘n’ 3D.

I want to export this same model, in ‘wavefront’ OBJ format with all the normal information. Either facelet flat normals or vertex notmals (I would prefer vertex normals for use in the phong model).

When I go to export my model and select either the export ‘normal’ or ‘high quality normal’ options no normals are written to the output file - only the exact same vertex and triangle face information as was imported (along with a nice www.blender3d.org comment). What gives?

How do I create and export normal information in OBJ format?!?!

Thanks in advance

So how do I create normals for/from my models?