Exporting .obj problem.

I have been trying to solve this problem for a few days now and can’t figure it out. I need to export a .obj file from blender to then upload to an augmented reality site. But everytime I do it, the AR site doesn’t display it.
I was sent a trial .obj file that uploads fine. So I figure it’s something to do with my use of Blender or export options.
I imported the trial file into Blender and without doing a thing exported it again as .obj and sure enough the AR site now doesn’t display it.
When exporting I ticked the boxes Include Normals and Triangulate faces as well as the defaults. I’ve compared the code in both the working and the not working files and can see no glaring differences.
I’m sure it’s something pretty damn simple, well I hope it is.
I’m using V2.64 and am very new to blender.
I have attached the two zips. Dinotest is the one not working.
If anyone could explain to me what i’m doing wrong, I would really appreciate it.



dinotest.zip (541 KB)dino-3d.zip (519 KB)

I brought both versions into 3dsMax just to see what would happen. dinotest seems to have inverted face normals, which might be your problem, but maybe it’s not. I don’t know what site requires to correctly parse the data. Also, the orientation of the model is off from dino-3d, but I doubt that’s the issue directly.

Does the site have any trouble-shooting faqs?


I was able to import then export dino-3d as an .obj and have it import identically (as far as I can tell) in Max. These were my settings. Just a thought… make sure you have the “Import-Export Wavefront OBJ format” addon enabled. I doubt you can even use it otherwise… but double check.

Thanks for your suggestions,
Yeah I realised afterward that I had rotated it before exporting. Unfortunately the FAQs on the AR site don’t go into any detail, just saying that they only accept .obj files. I think I will email them and ask if they can figure out the problem.
I imported and exported using the settings you had and as you say it came out pretty much identical, however it still wouldn’t load.
I think I will uninstall and reinstall Blender as well. The Import-Export Wavefront was enabled.
Its pretty frustrating.