Exporting .OBJ with textures for Element 3d

Hi all,

I’m trying to export the Sintel assets (the scales adult dragon model specifically) into an animated obj sequence for use in element 3d. The obj sequence exports correctly with animation but there’s an issue with the textures not showing up (I do have the materials checkbox checked). I’ve tried applying the textures from the sintel "chars’ directory in Element 3d but there is a mismatch between the material slots available in element and the existing textures (i.e. there is a wing texture but no material slot to assign it to in element 3d) so the textures look incorrect. There are also no textures for the dragon’s teeth that have a material slot available, so there seems a mismatch in how the material groups are being created.

Looking at best practices for Element 3d, my thinking was to uv unwrap the model and bake a single texture to apply to the entire model, but I’m having issues joining the dragon mesh to all apply to a single material. CTRL-J does not seem to do anything; so I’m assuming the dragon is already in once piece, but I probably just don’t understand where these material groups are being created.

I have also tried exporting as collada, and FBX which both have no textures associated. Any advice on how I might proceed or is there anything specific about these assets that would preclude me from getting their textures out of blender? Thanks.