Exporting object with materials help neded


Could someone explain to me, how do I export objects out of blender, as .obj files, so they have materials and glossiness and all that stuff with them. Ive searched internet, but havent found anything useful so far :c

Thanks :slight_smile:

File / Export, select the .obj option.

For material textures I’ve found the best option is to pack all the textures in the blend file (File / external Data), save your file, Unpack all the textures (File / External Data), then save your file again. Now when you export as .obj the .mtl file should show the correct file path to the textures.

Note that the .obj file format is old and limited so does not support all the material settings that you may be using in blender


  • Color: diffuse, specular, ambient.
  • Shader settings: shininess, transparency, emit.
  • normal shading / shadeless / no-specular.
  • textures for diffuse, specular, ambient, alpha, translucency, bumpmap, hardness.


Some of the following features are missing.

  • Nurbs Surfaces
    this could be added but is not widely used.
  • Advanced Material Settings.
    There are material options documented but very few files use them and there are few examples available.
  • Normals
    Blender ignores normals from imported files, recalculating its own based on the geometry.

See http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/Wavefront_OBJ#Export_Options

I’m really noob with blender export, could you explain how do I pack textures into blend file? Also, is there any better universal file format to export in?

I succeeded in exporting to 3ds max as .fbx file, but it still misses textures, what should I do? :C