Exporting Object with texture and material

So i’m trying to export a model from blender to unity (I’m trying to make a game)
When in blender, the model have material

But when export to Unity, the model grey-out
I have try Fbx and Obj file but non of them worked
I also try to bake the image but sadly no image was found
When i paint the charater in paint 3d the Fbx file worked fine (with texture) but in blender it don’t
Please help,
Thank in advance

Unity doesn’t know about Blender node setup, Blender doesn’t know about Unity material setup. So the object doesn’t have any material except for standard one.

This is actually the way to go, at least one of them most widely used.

Then the setup to bake was wrong. Create a material for the object, assign it to the faces and add an image texture node into the nodetree with image loaded in. Select that node, then bake. Bake settings should be set to whatever you want to bake, if diffuse color then Diffuse pass with Direct and Indirect unchecked.

It is not clear what was the problem. If you added painted image into Blender’s material then this should have worked as well if the image was saved.

Well i watch videos about baking and i did exactly what they said and Blender even said it is done but still no image. I will try again though

In paint 3d when you export the fbx file there is an option in unity which let you use External Material (Legacy). This make the model have color and material. But when exported using Blender using this option (External Material) the model doesn’t have any on it, only grey

It said in Blender that it was save as an internal image. So how can i export it?

That Blender’s message has continuation “save it externally or pack it”. So to export you need to create a file from it, i.e. save file with F3 in Image editor.

So i try it and i got the texture

But when i apply it to my model (unity) i got a dark green model. I try move the light closer to it but no luck so far![bandicam%202019-06-06%2021-56-24-325|690x388]
Thank in advance

The picture of the model in Unity

I got it working :smiley:
So instead of using normal UV i used Smart UV Project
After that i bake the image then export the model
Now the model have texture
Thank you Zak_Gre
You saved my day