Exporting Poser 3 characters to Blender

(gorgan_almi) #1

This is a bit off-topic I know (sorry bout that) but I was wondering if anyone knows how to export a character from Poser 3 and then import it into Blender complete with textures.

Poser has DXF and OBJ export obtions but it just exports the mesh not the textures.

So if you’ve worked with Poser and know how to do it I could really use a pointer in the right direction.

Thanks, :smiley:

(Briggs) #2

AFAIK poser uses UV mapping to project its textures onto the characters. If you use the wavefront *.OBJ python import script by Jan Walter (you will have to change import Blender to import Blender210 as Blender at the beginning of the script) it should preserve uv coords. Then its just a matter of assigning a material to the mesh with the poser texture (I think they are stored as TGA’s in the directory structure somewhere) and mapping that texture to the material in one of the texture channels and use ‘uv’ as the type of mapping.