Exporting problem

I am trying to get some .x to be loaded with directx, but I am having a problem exporting it out of blender. I can export the meshes like cubes and other stuff I have created, but the exporter doesn’t produce a viewable object(triangle) if I do the following:

  • Ctl-X, to start from the begining
  • A, select all
  • X, delete all
  • Space (insert circle with 3 points), because I wanted a basic triangle
  • Export

This generates an error in the shell:
Mesh named Circle has no vertices. Problems may occur using the .x file… finished

And indeed problems occur as I can’t see any triangle. Also the triangle although having 3 vertices doesn’t seem to have a selectable face. So how do I get a simple triangle? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Another thing I also need to know is where do I define the conversion between blender units and real world pixel. This would save me the scalling inside my game.

Go into edit mode for the triangle, select all verticies, and hit F. That should work (circles generated by blender don’t have any faces, only edges).

1 blender unit = 1 meter, just so you know that too.

But where can I change the scale?

I would like to avoid he scale down of all pieces. I would like to ajust the blender unit to pixel ratio. Like 1 blender unit = 100 pixels or something like that. Or I will just have to move the camera out or zoom more in in blender.